IT Services

Service Types:
IT Consultation:Support services (contract) We will provide contract support services for any type of IT project.

Our Clients in this area: Invision Power Services—>Forum software support services

Software testing/QA:We provide software testing/QA to make sure your software is put through hell to make your customers happy.

Our clients in this area:

Inrix Traffic—>Extensive beta testing

Centercode for various companies: Extensive testing of products ranging from gaming software, computer prehiprials, streaming boxes, soundbars and speakers, networking hardware, smart TVs, robotic vacuums, etc. Started early 2014

Luxul: Extensive beta testing of switches, routers, wireless access points, wireless controllers, etc.

Netgear: Extensive testing of routers, enterprise firewalls, IoT devices and more

Aiwa: Extensive testing of various audio hardware.

Consulting services:
Customer services:Online helpdesk

Technical support rep.:Forum/helpdesk/live chat

Server administration:web/forum/media

Network consulting:LAN/WLAN design/support

Software testing:Alpha/Beta/Custom testing Stress testing for applications