We finally got some snow here!

it’s very pretty! This is the first major snow this year! It’s been a snow drought here in west virginia!

Track: Zen In The Chaos by Me!

Level up your video game soundtrack!

I’ve been making music for games and now you can level up your video game’s soundtrack!

Here’s a video that has 3 examples of games I got my music on! Gravity waves, Crazy Cars Wax, and Asteria Countdown! Many more to come as well!

Click this https://remixedcat.itch.io to level up that game soundtrack!


The previous one was hosted on drooble.com and that site has been having a lot of technical difficulties lately. That sucks because it was very nice and I had a lot opf streams there. 🙁 Also had a lot of nifty artist tools and such. Oh well.. Here’s the new link that’s hosted on another place.